That Betrayal Was Your Blessing

When I was younger and less secure than I am now, I found that I would put up with almost any treatment just to be included. I knew that people were being rude and sometimes making jokes at my expense, so I would laugh along with them and pretend that their comments didn’t hurt me. Inside, however, I was quietly dying from shame. I wanted so badly to be liked that I tolerated some of the worst behavior. I allowed myself to be the brunt of jokes just so that I didn’t have to sit by myself at meals or stand alone at the bus stop. I just wanted to fit in. When you’re an only child and you spend a great deal of time by yourself, you relish the company of others even when that company is

Lies are Like Spider Webs

I was having a conversation today with someone about the benefit of always telling the truth. The truth is so much easier to remember because, contrary to what Rudy Giuliani says, the truth is the truth. It doesn’t change; it remains consistent and you can count on it. When you deal with someone who is known to be dishonest, their stories tend to always change. It’s like standing on shaky ground; you can’t get solid footing beneath you. You never know what to believe because their story always varies from one day to the next, sometimes from one moment to the next depending on the audience. Have you ever gotten caught walking through a spiderweb without realizing that it was there?

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