The Blessing of Obstacles

Do you ever see those signs while you're driving that say, "Hazard" or "Construction Up Ahead"? They let you know what's coming so you can be prepared. The thing is that you drove along so far before you actually run into the hazard or the construction, that by the time you do see it, you've almost forgotten about being warned. If only life came with warning signs, right? Actually, I believe it does and we tend not to see them. We go through life with blinders on ignoring the warning sign when we find ourselves in deep Doo Doo wondering how on earth we got there. Trouble comes to make us stronger and to teach us lessons. I find I keep encountering the same types of situations until I master

Does Your Environment Need Fixing

I spend a lot of time listening to people talking about wanting to change themselves. Believe me when I say that sometimes we need to change. Sometimes we get stuck in old habits and ruts and change is necessary. It's like taking the same route home from work every day and never seeing any different scenery. It can get boring. There's a whole world out there that you never get to see if you never take a different path. But sometimes we're not the problem. If we're trying to change ourselves based on someone else's comments or based on their perception of us, we may have it all wrong. If all we ever hear is one persons opinion telling us that everything we're doing is wrong and doesn't meet t

Perspective is Everything...

Children see with eyes of faith. Take dandelions for example. A child's perspective is so different from an adult's. They see five dandelions in a yard and call it a field of hope. A child imagines infinite possibilities in each seed and will close their little eyes and make wishes, fully believing that they will all come true one day. It doesn't matter how often they're disappointed or how far off that one day may be; they'll see another "wish flower" and go for it with complete trust that it shall be so simply because they asked. We adults, on the other hand, see only weeds and perhaps allergens. To a homeowner, the same five dandelions represent a plague of devastation. We abandoned our

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