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                 My Philosophy 


I use two analogies to help people understand HOW I work. We plant a seed, and if the soil is good and the conditions are right (weather, proper hydration, no predators), it will grow and produce another plant; fruit should appear and yield other seeds which produce new plants and fruit. If the conditions aren't right and the plant doesn't get the care it requires, it won't be healthy and reach its growth potential; it may wither and die. Recognizing our needs and limits and honoring them is key. Or say we buy a nice car and wash it, give it gas, change the oil, and take it in for proper maintenance. Why? Because we want it to run efficiently and last. If we neglect routine maintenance and don't use the right grade of gas or oil, the car will stop running well and will show signs of poor wear and tear. It may end up leaving us on the side of the road.

​It's the same things with humans. We are souls that have spirits which reside in bodies. If we neglect routine care,we will show signs of damage. Some of us are more resilient than others; some are just better at wearing the masks society tells us we should put on daily so no one knows what we're really dealing with. I discuss diet, sleep hygiene, spiritual habits, exercise, and social supports with my clients to see how they manage the stresses in their lives.

If you've "done all to stand" and just can't "stand therefore", we may discuss the use of medication. I believe it can be a valuable tool in addition to counseling, but I AM NOT A PHYSICIAN and cannot prescribe or recommend any specific drugs. I get no kickback for discussing them; I simply want to make you aware of every available tool you might consider using to reach your full potential, even for a season. God gave us all things to enjoy, not to endure. We can discuss different tools in addition to essential oils, diet, support groups, and medications when we meet. If you decide to work with me, many of my credentials are found on the pages of this website; however, I think what you really want to know is WHO I am and WHY I do this work.​

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