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Life Coaching & Soul Care, LLC

 About ~  Facilitating Change, Transforming Lives, Reaching a Higher Level

If you're looking for someone who calls themselves a clinician, I'm probably not for you. I consider myself a counselor because I have yet to find a Bible translation that refers to Jesus as a therapist; He is always called Wonderful Counselor.  I believe we're all born on purpose to fulfill a purpose and mine is counseling with intention. 

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My name is Myla Erwin, and I'm a Soul Care Practitioner, with a heart for women and couples, and helping them live their best lives now. My desire is to improve the wellness of individuals, families, and the community by living a life that embodies solid Biblical principles, inspires hope, and impacts others in ways that lead to change and transformation from the inside out.


In addition to being an ordained minister, I am a Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, Mental Health Coach, and a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor with a strong Christian  worldview that is firmly rooted in God's Word. I have worked in some area of mental health for almost thirty years and am honored to have served some of the bravest people I will ever know. I have been a North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist for thirteen years and the message of recovery is one I firmly embrace. I'd like to help you identify and reach your  personal, life, and emotional wellness goals using Scripture as our compass. I am also a Certified Trauma Support Specialist and Telehealth Provider. 

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