Compliment, Don't Compete

Sisters, I want to encourage you to find it in your hearts to accept yourselves just as you are. You are enough. You are beautiful; you are beloved of God; you are altogether lovely; and you are sufficient in and of yourself. You compete with no one but the person you were yesterday. When you wake up in the morning, the only goal that you should have is to be better than you were the day before. There are too many of us competing with one another. Each one of us has been endowed with unique gifts by our Lord and Savior. We bring something special to the table, and if we could pool our gifts together, the world would be so much more beautiful. I think about our Father’s garden. He could’ve fi

Perfect Timing

For many of us, the year is off to a slow and steady start. If you’re walking with Abba, you already know that this will be a year of repair, restoration, and recovery, and I’m sure you’re excited and have your expectors on. Like little children on a long car ride, you may be tempted to ask Him a thousand times, “Are we there yet?” I want to encourage you to slow your roll and wait patiently on the Lord. You didn’t experience your loss, breakage, and theft in an instant. There are some lessons to be learned first from those experiences to prevent them from happening again and to help you set your priorities straight. If we value titles and things that are prone to change and decay, we’ll alw

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