Listening is More Powerful than Speech

I used to be such a wallflower. I seldom spoke my truth and I kept my deepest emotions a secret, sometimes even from myself. I thought that I was protecting myself from being hurt by not sharing my feelings, but all I did was create a prison that I no longer had the key for. There is the time to speak the truth, to let others know what you’re feeling and what you’re thinking regardless of how they will interpret it. There is also a time for silence so that you can process those emotions and not say the first thing that pops into your head and do irreparable damage. I often think that I need more processing time than others but I don’t consider that a flaw. I’ve seen the damage that words spo

Red Sea Moments

This morning as my husband was praying, he asked God for a Red Sea moment. It got me to thinking about what that must’ve been like for Moses and his troops. Their faith in God had to be greater than their fear of what was behind them. They could actually see their enemies with their weapons raised gaining on them and so they had nowhere to go but forward even with walls of water standing all around them. I wonder what I would’ve done in that situation since I can’t swim. I also had to ask myself if I had any enemies chasing after me with their weapons raised, and I wasn’t sure how to answer that. I’m sure there are people that don’t like me very much but I don’t spend a lot of time worried a

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