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Red Sea Moments

This morning as my husband was praying, he asked God for a Red Sea moment. It got me to thinking about what that must’ve been like for Moses and his troops.

Their faith in God had to be greater than their fear of what was behind them. They could actually see their enemies with their weapons raised gaining on them and so they had nowhere to go but forward even with walls of water standing all around them. I wonder what I would’ve done in that situation since I can’t swim.

I also had to ask myself if I had any enemies chasing after me with their weapons raised, and I wasn’t sure how to answer that. I’m sure there are people that don’t like me very much but I don’t spend a lot of time worried about them. I’m not for everyone and I accept that about myself. But we all have one enemy who would take our very lives if we stood still long enough. He is the evil one; he wants to kill, steal, and destroy anything that we hold dear.

I began to ask myself, aside from him, what else is chasing me? Is it fear itself? Is it self-doubt and low self-esteem? Is it pride? We have enemies that aren’t always in the flesh but that doesn’t make them any less real. Are you afraid of poverty, loneliness, sickness; do anxiety and depression chase you like a lion on the prowl? If God were to part the Red Sea for you right now, would you be more afraid to walk through the walls of rising water than you are of what’s behind you?

God is our strong tower and our refuge in times of trouble. He is our righteous deliverer from any and all oppression. Getting through hard times requires that we be obedient to His voice, and sometimes we struggle with that. We think that He’s telling us to do something that’s impossible, and rather than trust Him and obey, we remain rooted in the same spot that we claim to be so comfortable in.

He will never steer us wrong. If He tells us to go through the fire, we can trust that the flames will not burn us. If He tells us to walk through the water, there’s a guarantee that it will not overtake us. He is faithful and true and cannot lie. Don’t miss your moment of redemption because of fear about what’s chasing you. Keep going towards God and your safety and deliverance are guaranteed. I believe there’s a Red Sea moment in store for every believer; we simply have to keep moving forward and not look back.

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