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Are You Appreciated Now?

I don’t watch a lot of television but one of the things I do love to watch is those musical talent shows like American Idol, AGT, and The Voice.

I couldn’t carry a tune in a stroller downhill on ice if you helped me push it. I always wanted to sing but my voice sounds more like cats fighting or in heat. It’s not pretty and I know it. That doesn’t stop me when I’m alone but I won’t do it if anyone is listening. I lip sync in church so as not to scare anyone. Yes, seriously.

Those kids are so brave to go on national television and sing their hearts out knowing the competition is fierce and the judges will be harsh. They’re so passionate about music that they’re willing to leave it all on the stage. They risk having their hearts broken to take a chance at being selected to be mentored and go further in the race, knowing only one person can win.

Losing doesn’t mean they’re not good enough; it simply means this is not their time. Some of them will give up on their dreams completely; the rejection will be their undoing. Others will take the critiques to heart and return next season even better and stronger.

Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships where we care more than the other person does and it feels a bit like a competition for their time and affections. We pull out all the stops trying to prove to them that we deserve their love. There comes a time when we have to recognize that some people will never be ready for what we have to offer.

Our stepping it up will not be appreciated; it will overwhelm them and exhaust us. If someone doesn’t appreciate you now, it’s highly unlikely they’ll appreciate more of what you’re serving later. Know when to walk away with your head held high. A lot of those who came in second and even third place on some of those talent shows are more popular than those who won. Sometimes losing is really winning; it’s all in how you look at it.


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