As Different Yet Lovely as Snowflakes

We’re all guilty of it. We see things on television and we convince ourselves that we have to have them. We see the latest fashions, the latest gadgets, the fanciest cars and we tell ourselves that we are not enough unless we have those things. We get caught in the trap of thinking that things define us and that our beauty is defined by what someone else looks like, often somebody that we don’t even know. There’s an old saying that beauty is only skin deep and I believe it is so true. I know some of the most attractive people and yet they have such ugly hearts. I admire them from afar until I get to know them. Then I am completely repulsed buy them. There’s nothing about them that I

No Compete Clause

This may be an unpopular post, but I’ve never been big on women’s lib. I’ve had other wars to fight like racial equality and social justice, fair housing and health care for all. I take a more Biblical approach to gender equality. Don’t get it twisted; I believe in monogamy and I’m against child marriages. I just think we’ve gone way overboard with the “women are equal to men” thing. Let me explain. God made Adam and gave him dominion over the animals and the garden. He was doing a good job with those tasks, but the Lord saw that he was lonely and needed a companion. Saying, “It isn’t good for man to live alone”, God made Eve from Adam’s rib. We all understand that she didn’t come f

You Become the Thoughts You Entertain

When I’m struggling with depression, it’s usually because I’ve made a decision to embrace the sadness. Acknowledging that was quite a revelation for me because I used to think that the depression just came, as if it was a 400 pound person that had more strength and power than I did. When I realized that I had the power because I could choose to reject the thoughts, I found my strength. Don’t get me wrong; depression has run in my family for years and I realize that there’s a genetic component and a chemical imbalance at play. There are many things that I have to assume responsibility for such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy, avoiding people, places, and things that I know are not hea

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