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Just Do It!

I am a list maker. In fact, on the days when my lists are brief, at the end of the day I’ll go back and fill them in with things I accomplished just so I can cross them off and experience that satisfaction of a completed list. Sounds silly I know but I need proof that I haven’t wasted my day.

I’m also a thinker. I spend a good deal of time thinking about things I’d like to accomplish. Sometimes I spend more time thinking than doing. There has to be a delicate balance or nothing would ever get done. It’s easy to get caught up in dreamland and not put any pedal to the medal, so to speak.

Unless you’re a CEO of a major company and have hundreds of employees to bring your ideas to life, you have to execute your plans yourself. We have to do as well as be about the things we profess to care about. Talk really is cheap. It’s better to spend a small amount of time each day actually working towards your goals than huge amounts of time simply thinking about them.

Since tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us, let’s use the time we have wisely and be more intentional about doing one small thing each day that will bring us closer to our goals. You can always get more clothes, money, or cars. Time is something you’ll never be able to replace. Cherish each moment and invest it purposefully.


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