Are YOU Running a Men's Rehab Center?

"Women, You're not a rehabilitation center for badly raised men. It is not your job to fix him, change him, parent him, or raise him. You want a partner, not a project." I’ve been talking to a lot of women lately who have felt rejected because the men in their lives have not lived up to their expectations and they’ve taken it personally. Sometimes I feel like Cher in the movie Moonstruck and I just wanna slap them across the face and say, “Snap out of it”, but that wouldn’t be very Christlike, would it? Believe me, I’ve been there a time or to and I had to learn the hard way that you can’t love somebody into changing. People have to want to change and take the steps all on their own. It’s

Facing the Reality of Myself

"Love difficult people. You are one of them". ~ Bob Goff Some days I find I have much less grace than others. Take today for example. People are gearing up for Easter and Spring break and stores are bound to be packed to the gills with bargain hunters looking for winter breaks and early deals on spring clothing. It seems like the holidays never really ended with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, President's Day,and a few made up holidays thrown in; stores are continually packed like sardine tins. That explains why I’m not likely to venture too far from home for the next few months. Crowds overwhelm me and throw off my equilibrium badly. I prefer the harmony of solitude. There’s les

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