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Battle On!

Our words have such power. I was recently diagnosed with something, and not to make light of anyone else’s situation, but I just sort of listened to the doctors and said, “Hmm...ok.”

I know that good things happen to bad people and vice versa, but while they kept saying I ‘had’ something, I kept saying I’d been diagnosed with a thing. I was initially disturbed for a moment; I am as human as anyone else, but I quickly realized that my situation was certainly no surprise to God. If He was prepared for it, I could be. I’m pleased to say the situation has been resolved and I am fine now. My God and my faith kept me.

One battle I continue to fight is the one with depression. I’ve been in this fight for a very long time and there are days, weeks even, when I grow weary. I know that God is in this battle with me too because the joy of the Lord is my strength. Depression may get a few good jabs in but I’m like one of those old kids toys, a weeble. I may wobble but I won’t fall down and I get a few solid punches in myself. I’m no lightweight!

Whatever you may be facing today, don’t go into denial about it. Recognize that in this life, we will have to fight for our peace but we have an Advocate and a Helper. We are never fighting alone in our own strength. Seek the Lord in ALL you do; He will meet your need for peace, healing, protection, and more.

Don’t be so quick to accept the negative reports of others; believe what your Father says about you and operate from that perspective. Be blessed as you go


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