Don't Let Secrets Kill You

Secrets kill. Your voice has more power than you realize. Many of you have endured tremendous trials and pain caused by people who should have cared for and protected you and they failed to do so. They were not trustworthy to manage the tasks set before them. They were in no way worthy of the trust placed in them. They took advantage of their position and abused their power. That speaks volumes about them; it says nothing about you. You have spent years questioning your worth because of the things that happened to you. You trust very few people, but you trust yourself even less, as if a child or young person should have, could have prevented an adult from making such poor decisions and actin

Stay Teachable

Recently, I found myself in several online discussions with a group of people who thought they knew everything there was to know about a particular situation. It was extremely frustrating because they adopted a gang mentality without having many of the facts. Have you ever been in a situation like that? I have learned that social media gives people a large platform to express things that they would never say to your face. It affords them a boldness or confidence to be as ugly as they possibly can be because they don’t expect to ever run into you in person. How sad that is. One thing about me is that I will never say anything behind someone’s back that I would not be comfortable enough to say

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