Do You Recognize Your Mountain?

I’ve often said that before you can say “unto that mountain be cast into the sea” and have it move, you have to know what your mountain is and call it by name. So many of us are dealing with things, but we call them by other names. For instance, some of you are dealing with addiction issues but the last thing that you want to acknowledge is that you’re also dealing with depression. You’d much rather say that you drink or use because you enjoy it. Never mind the financial cost or waking up feeling like you’re missing out on something or the time wasted, right? Then there are those of you who are a little promiscuous and rather than acknowledge that you may have daddy issues, you tell yourselv

Trials Make Us Stronger

I used to be the queen of pity parties. It used to be my first response to ask, “Why, Lord? Why?” Whenever something happened that I didn’t like or understand, my first inclination was to feel persecuted. I never looked at what I might’ve done to set the wheels in motion; I always felt like a victim. Can any of you relate? Be totally honest if you dare. When you live with the victim mindset, you almost become a magnet for bad things to happen. The reason for that is that you’re not paying attention to what you do; you’re always too busy looking out to see what others are doing. At some point we have to take responsibility for our own thoughts, for our own words, and for our own actions. If y

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