Never Satisfied...

Are you content? Do you appreciate what you already have in your life or are you busy planning for the next acquisition? There’s nothing wrong with wanting more, but if you never get it, can you be pleased with what you have right now, or will you be left feeling like a failure for not obtaining it? We spend a great portion of our lives chasing after more. We want to be in the place that we’re not; we want bigger homes, newer cars, smaller waistlines, larger bank accounts, more impressive titles, more attractive mates - more. We are often so busy fixing our eyes on what we want that we fail to appreciate the many blessings we already have. We accumulate things we seldom use and they sit on s

Lay Your Burdens Down

There are days when I feel as if the burdens I’m carrying weigh more than I do. I feel absolutely exhausted from trying to figure out which way to turn, who to talk to about which situation, what to do regarding certain issues (take your pick from a long list), and how to prioritize all the looming deadlines. My head hurts simply from overthinking; my back and neck hurt from the tension of trying to function without losing it; and my heart is beating overtime. Do you know what I’m talking about? Women tend to be good at multitasking but a steady diet of this is just too much. You can cave from this kind of stress. We were never intended to carry weight of this kind. We usually start out with

Only a Chapter in Your Life

We can learn something from everyone we interact with in life, no matter how brief the encounter. Some people teach us about self-control; others will show us grace. Some people may reflect a character trait in ourselves that we would rather not acknowledge; however, we need to recognize those things about ourselves that need to be restrained and so these difficult ones are a gift to us in the end. There are those that we hope to plan a future with; we fall in love fast and hard. Sometimes, for any number of reasons, these people do not stay as long as we would like them to. Perhaps, upon closer inspection, we learn that they are not the people that we thought they were. When we look at some

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