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Never Satisfied...

Are you content? Do you appreciate what you already have in your life or are you busy planning for the next acquisition? There’s nothing wrong with wanting more, but if you never get it, can you be pleased with what you have right now, or will you be left feeling like a failure for not obtaining it?

We spend a great portion of our lives chasing after more. We want to be in the place that we’re not; we want bigger homes, newer cars, smaller waistlines, larger bank accounts, more impressive titles, more attractive mates - more. We are often so busy fixing our eyes on what we want that we fail to appreciate the many blessings we already have.

We accumulate things we seldom use and they sit on shelves gathering dust or tucked away in boxes while we feast our eyes on the unattained. Everywhere I look as I drive, I see more and more new storage facilities being built. We’re overwhelmed with excess and yet we’re eternally seeking more. How ungrateful are we? Our stuff won’t leave here with us. When we die, what’s going to happen to all our stuff? Someone will have to pack it up, give it away, sell it, or trash it.

I’ve seen good marriages end over lust for “newer models”, only to have those relationships end eventually as well. Fickle hearts don’t suddenly become faithful. Entire families are left devastated in the process. We have to start teaching gratitude from the crib and the best way to teach it is to model it for our children. When we practice gratitude, it becomes a lifestyle. Gratitude is an attitude of the heart.

Whatever someone else had was meant for them. What’s meant for you will find its way to you; God will see to it. If you are busy being jealous over someone else’s blessings, yours will be delayed. If your first response is praise and thanksgiving, the blessings will flow your way. Have you checked the attitude of your heart today?

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