You are NOT That Powerful

Have you ever thought that you’d totally screwed something up? I mean like messed it up beyond repair and there was just no way to redeem it? Has that thing been your life? I’ve certainly felt that way a time or two. It can be totally disheartening when you formulate a plan and take all the steps that you think you need to fulfill it, and then everything falls apart right in front of you. It’s almost like baking a cake and following the recipe to the letter and then watching it fall flat the moment you take it out of the oven. Only this is our lives we’re talking about here. A life is a lot bigger than a cake! It’s a wonderful thing to have a roadmap designed for your life, and I’m one who f

Who Does the Gift Belong To?

Oh, it is so easy to want to retaliate when someone does something you know you’ve done nothing to deserve. When you have behaved civilly towards all manner of man (and unpleasant women), and they insist on besmirching your reputation, it’s only natural to want to grab your Holy Ghost megaphone and shout to the world how wicked they are and how righteous you’ve been. Don’t. Do. It. Go back and read your Word. Study the actions of Jesus. The only time He ever openly displayed anger was when people treated the temple as a flea market. He wanted them to acknowledge its holy purpose and honor it. His anger was not in defense of His title or position. In fact, on the way to the Cross, as He was b

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