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I just finished reading “In the Middle of the Mess” by Sheila Walsh. If you’ve ever struggled with depression and faith, it’s a very candid look at how this well-known minister of the Word who traveled with the Women of Faith team and was on the 700 Club for years made peace with her diagnosis and now seeks to help others do the same. This particular quote resonated with me because, as a woman, I believe we tend to identify ourselves by the roles we are assigned in society, whether we are comfortable with those roles or not. We assume them because “people” tell us we’re good at something and the role becomes familiar to us and we can fulfill the attached duties mindlessly. Are we fulfilled?

Love and Serenity

This may shock some of you but I wasn’t always a follower of Christ. I resisted Him for a large portion of my life but He quietly yet tenaciously pursued me, and He won my heart. During my resistance phase I dabbled in a few false religions and “philosophies” that sounded good and seemed harmless but at the end of the day left me feeling empty. I learned that I could search the whole world over, but nothing could satisfy except Christ. One philosophy did teach that when you meet someone who just rubs you the wrong way, you should thank the universe for them because they are reflecting a character trait in you that you need to acknowledge and address. I wrestled with that but did find it to b

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