Don't Get Stuck on Repeat

Many of us are stuck in the past. Something happened to us along time ago and we keep reliving it. We can’t get over it; in truth, we won’t get over it. As long as we keep replaying that tape, we have no hope of a future. We are simply enduring the present. Its like sinking in quicksand; we are drowning in the memories of what was. We look around and see other people moving forward and wonder why life is passing us by. They seem to be zipping along faster than the speed of light while we seem to be moving backwards through a pool of Jell-O. The simple answer is because we choose to remain stuck in the past, reliving old offenses or past memories that really aren’t as glorious as we’re making

Use the Good Stuff

My uncle was a Tuskegee Airman. I recently watched the movie (I’m late) and I so appreciate his struggle to become someone great and serve our country. Growing up, he was just Uncle Wade. He retired as a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force and I knew that was significant because he was African-American, but until I saw the movie I had no idea how rare this accomplishment was or how hard he worked to achieve that rank. He never talked about it and, as a child, I never asked. Everywhere he traveled and lived, like England and Japan and Germany, he sent my mother special gifts. Among them were china and figurines and other trinkets. She died this past summer and I have inherited all of those th

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