Loving Someone with a Mental Health Challenge

A few years ago, I facilitated a support group for a local organization for family members and loved ones who were supporting someone who had been diagnosed with a mental health challenge. We met weekly and to be honest, I gained as much from the group members as I believe I imparted. We laughed, encouraged one another, cried together, shared successes no matter how trivial they may have seemed to someone else, rejoiced over major hurdles; it was the most meaningful part of my week. A few themes thing that kept coming up were, “How did we miss the signs? Where did we go wrong? How can we avoid making our loved one feel worse?” The closer we are to someone, the less likely we are to notice th

You are His Masterpiece

We have perfection overload. We expect so much from ourselves and living in this microwave culture, we seem to think that we should be able to take a pill and get instant results. We want it now; actually we wanted it yesterday. Change is a process and most processes take time. God considers us His greatest work of art; that means that we are His masterpieces. And yet we are continually a work in progress. An oxymoron if ever there was one, yet in the great scheme of things, it makes perfect sense. There's no rush to completion, no hurry to finish this race. We can be both at once according to the Master's Plan. He only does good work. No blasphemy intended, but remember, Adam was a draft;

How's Your Love Walk?

One of the things I really love about my Jesus is that He was so quick to forgive those who had done Him wrong. He didn't talk dirt about them or call them names; He quickly forgave them and that would bring them to repentance. Consider Judas Iscariot. Jesus knew who betrayed Him and sold Him out for ten pieces of silver; but He didn't call him out in front of the other disciples. His handling of the matter publicly led to a personal conviction for his betrayer. Judas tried to turn the situation around, but was unable to do so and took his own life. It had to be that way according to Scripture, yet the betrayal had to hurt them both. Think of Peter. Jesus said that before the rooster crowed

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