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How's Your Love Walk?

One of the things I really love about my Jesus is that He was so quick to forgive those who had done Him wrong. He didn't talk dirt about them or call them names; He quickly forgave them and that would bring them to repentance.

Consider Judas Iscariot. Jesus knew who betrayed Him and sold Him out for ten pieces of silver; but He didn't call him out in front of the other disciples. His handling of the matter publicly led to a personal conviction for his betrayer. Judas tried to turn the situation around, but was unable to do so and took his own life. It had to be that way according to Scripture, yet the betrayal had to hurt them both.

Think of Peter. Jesus said that before the rooster crowed three times, He would be betrayed. He already knew which of the disciples it would be to turn away, yet He didn't set out to embarrass anyone by revealing a name. Upon His return, He asked Peter very simply, "Do you love Me? Then feed My sheep." Rather than condemn him, He gently restored him and used Peter to build His church.

How often do we betray our Lord in a single day? In a week? In our lifetime? We don't make our own candles shine brighter by dimming the light of another. We must admit our shortcomings, ask for His grace, receive it as He makes it available, and then show it to those in our paths who need it every bit as much as we do. We who need much grace must in turn show much grace or others. It replenishes itself as we share it.

How's your love walk? If it needs some help or fine tuning, demonstrate a little grace. It's the timeless tuner-upper!

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