Only God Can Make a Man out of Dirt

Oh, ladies; some of you will love me and others will likely start a protest after this post. I’m good with it either way. I believe I’m being obedient and must do my Father’s work. My prayer is that you’ll read this all the way through before stoning me at least. Just know that this was a lesson I had to learn through personal experience and I’m still here, so there’s hope for you if you’ll receive it. Many times we meet a man and we see potential where it does not exist. He doesn’t have much of an education; he’s not employed, he’s not taking care of the children that he already has, and he doesn’t really have any talents or marketable skills. Truth be told, he has no motivation. Ye

The Truth About Healers

It’s an interesting truth that the people who have endured some of life’s most difficult trials end up being the most generous of spirit. For instance, many doctors and nurses have had family members confront sickness and disease while they were young. Watching a loved one suffer caused them to want to enter the medical profession as a means of sparing another family’s pain. I’ve read recently about community organizers in impoverished neighborhoods and how they were inspired to work to bring about change. They experienced such poverty while they were living in those communities that they wanted to spare the children and families currently living there some of the same stigma and ha

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