How many of you are struggling with boundary issues? When your self-esteem is low, you tend to put up with things that make you uncomfortable in order to fit in. The thing is that when you don’t give an honest “no”, you can’t give an honest “yes” either. The reason you hold back with your truth is because you’re afraid of being left out or of hurting other people’s feelings, right? But by not being honest you’re devaluing the relationship. Look at it this way, when you’re not honest about your feelings, it means you’re being dishonest. Yeah...hard truth. So, if you know you have a tendency to lie, how can you expect anyone else to be honest? It calls everyone else’s sincerity into question a

Blessed are the Flexible

I must confess, I used to be extremely rigid in my thinking and behavior. I thought my way was best and if you couldn’t get with the program, you were at fault. This black and white thinking cost me sleep, peace, joy, and healthy relationships. There are many lessons to be learned in nature. We often look at the mighty oak tree and admire its height and girth and think it will forever withstand the storms of life. It stands tall and proud and provides delightful shade from the heat of the day. If you’ve been paying attention to the different weather patterns, however, you may have noticed that after a few powerful storms, even the tallest oak can be leveled because it will not bend with the

Who Defines Your Worth?

People will come and go in your life. Some will make great deposits and upon leaving, you’ll find that your life is richer for having known them. They will be the ones who saw something in you and decided to take the time to polish it, add to it, and make it greater than it was when they met you. These precious folks are creators; they build and pour into others. The world is always better because of people like them and there aren’t great numbers of them. It’s only natural to wish their part in your story could have gone on longer, but your life is part of a Greater Story; let’s not lose focus. Then there are those who come along and draw from you. They are willing to drain every drop of en

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