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Own Your Decisions

People pleasers. The world is full of them. I think as babies, we saw faces smiling at us and we wanted to see more of them so we started figuring out what to do to earn happy faces.

When we rolled over, people cheered. Then we sat up and they clapped. Oh goodness, we took our first steps and you would have thought we’d hung the sun in the sky. It was glorious! But then we started exploring and touching things that looked interesting and people weren’t so pleased with us. We heard a LOT of ‘Nos’ and the faces weren’t as pleased.

From then on, we became entertainers. We were constantly seeking applause and approval anywhere we could find it, sometimes from the wrong folks. We began to feel responsible for everyone else’s emotions. If we could only make them happy, smile, feel better, etc. When did the rest of the world become our responsibility? Who was actually responsible for us?

At the end of the day, each person is responsible for their own feelings and reactions to the things that happen around them. We don’t have to respond to everyone and every situation. Often it’s better to sit back and observe; you can learn a lot that way.

We also don’t owe anyone an explanation for our choices. Since we are only responsible to and for ourselves, the opinions of others don’t matter. Once we recognize this and believe it, it frees us up to be bolder in our choices and to trust ourselves to do what’s best for us without second guessing.

When it comes to choices, seek the Lord’s wisdom and let Him settle it in your spirit. You don’t need anyone else’s stamp of approval (unless you’re married.) Trust your gut and go with it. He will establish the work of your hands and order your steps. Can your friends do that? All right then. Nuff said!


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