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I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find that people are so much more sensitive these days than they used to be. If there’s a way to be offended by something, people will find it. There was a time when I was extremely sensitive and anything anybody said to me would hurt my feelings. I thought that everybody else was better than me and because my self-esteem was so low, I walked around wounded all the time. It seemed to me that I was surrounded by happy and confident people; and there I was, feeling hopeless and helpless living a life with no meaning or purpose. When you’re not healthy and feeling whole, it’s easy to be offended everywhere you turn. It’s not that people are out to get you; it

Learning Grace

For those of us who are very sensitive, criticism can be a hurtful thing. We tend to internalize every negative comment and wonder why people are so hard to please. We end up thinking that there’s something very wrong with us, which means that we judge everyone else to be in such better shape than we are. That would be a very dangerous and erroneous assumption to make. I’ve learned through the years that most people are so busy thinking about themselves and focused on hiding their own flaws, that they are not truly aware of mine. They’ll focus on something very little that I’m doing or not doing and blow it completely out of proportion so that I won’t notice what’s going on with them. Develo

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