A Warehouse or a Factory

We hold onto hurts and we nurse them. We take such good care of them that they become healthier than we are. Pretty soon they take on a life of their own and go out and create more painful memories. In the recesses of our minds are file cabinets alphabetically ordered with every single painful and traumatic event that we have survived thus far. In fact, those cabinets are so crammed with sorrows that when we open them the memories just come pouring out. If anything else happens to us, we’ll have to buy more file cabinets or rent another floor to store the pain. We’ve become very good at rehearsing the trauma and reenacting the worst details. As if we could forget... Why do we do that to ours

Everyone Has an Opinion...

There is so much bickering in the world today. I realize that we are a multi-cultural nation, but it’s not even a matter of not speaking the same language. It’s more like not even being on the same page. Everybody is so caught up in seeing things their own way that we’ve stopped trying to understand anybody else’s perspective. We’ve made up our minds that there’s only one right way to view everything and flexibility has fallen by the wayside. Such rigid belief systems have caused more conflicts and dissension in our world then ever existed before. I see grown men and women behaving like children on the playground. Actually that’s an insult to children, because children behave better. I can r

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