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Whose Circus is This Anyway?

Sometimes we get lonely and look around at all the people that are in groups, and crowds, and cliques, and feel like we’re missing out.

Maybe you’ve been thinking that your personality isn’t as strong as some of the people in those groups. There’s always a leader, but then there are all the rest of them that follow. Did you ever consider that perhaps you’re stronger than you realize because you’re not weak enough to follow? That puts a whole different spin on it, doesn’t it?

We often think that tigers and lions are the rulers of the jungle. They certainly are strong and have leadership qualities. Yet somehow they end up in circuses. Have you ever seen a wolf in a circus? Neither have I. Wolves travel alone; in fact, we often speak about the ‘lone wolf’. We tell ourselves that there’s safety in numbers; but sometimes there’s greater safety in being alone because you learn to trust yourself.

You may not be missing out on as much as you think by being alone. You have leadership qualities too. You lead yourself and don’t have to follow anyone except the Holy Spirit. There’s power in that; don’t minimize it.


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