Relationship over Ego

Pride can be a terrible thing to overcome. I’ve met people who would seemingly rather drink poison and die than admit they made a mistake. Do you know anyone like that? It can be exhausting to deal with them until you reach the same conclusion I finally reached a few years ago. I don’t have to be right. At least, not publicly. It’s enough for me to know in my heart that I’ve done my best, followed the law or instructions, walked in integrity, and treated people fairly. I have seen people turn red in the face, pound tables, yell and scream in public meetings, reduce other people to tears, and, all the while, everyone else in the room knew the person was wrong. They power trip and use their po

Is God Closing Doors in Your Life?

I know some people that have lived in the same town all of their lives. Some people have never seen the ocean and perhaps never seen a mountain up close. Their entire families have never ventured beyond the neighborhoods that they’re living in right now and the only world they know exists within a one-mile radius. The mere thought that there might be something outside of their neighborhood has never crossed your mind. Everyone in their world looks like them, talks like them, thinks just like them, and that’s the way they like it. I know others who have traveled almost the entire globe. They get antsy when they’re forced to stay in sit still too long. They have the spirit of Abraham; they hav

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