Who is Proofreading Your Vision?

I’ve often said that you wouldn’t ask a blind man for directions; so why do children of God ask blind people to proofread and validate our visions? Seriously! God has planted a Divine purpose in each one of us. In the process of determining what that is, we often turn to worldly folk and ask them to confirm our gifts and talents. Even if they see them, what would make us think that they’d want to see us use them to glorify a God they have yet to believe in? They’d be more likely to put a New Age spin on it and tell us about some natural healer they know who dabbles in Reiki and yoga and suggest we go get our tarot cards read to have our energy adjusted and our future revealed. Is that really

WHO Do You Love?

Often, when we love someone, we love who they are when we meet them, but we also have an image on our minds of all that they might become one day in the future. It’s that future image that we get excited about and we set our sights on “helping” them to fulfill our vision of who they should be. We seldom take into account what their vision for themselves might be. We hardly ever ask...We set them up for failure and ourselves up for disappointment. As a consequence, our relationships often fall by the wayside and we act surprised. When you love someone, you have to love them just as they are. If they never grow beyond where you find them, you have to be able to say that you can be content and

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