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Learning Grace

For those of us who are very sensitive, criticism can be a hurtful thing. We tend to internalize every negative comment and wonder why people are so hard to please. We end up thinking that there’s something very wrong with us, which means that we judge everyone else to be in such better shape than we are. That would be a very dangerous and erroneous assumption to make.

I’ve learned through the years that most people are so busy thinking about themselves and focused on hiding their own flaws, that they are not truly aware of mine. They’ll focus on something very little that I’m doing or not doing and blow it completely out of proportion so that I won’t notice what’s going on with them. Developing the wisdom to realize this has taken years and lots of tears.

The people who make the most noise are usually the most insecure. That doesn’t give them the right to go around randomly hurting people, but they’re not going to change anytime soon. We sensitive ones simply have to realize that they need more help than we do. People who behave badly are feeling badly on the inside and really need prayer and understanding. I would venture to say that no one has ever held them accountable for their outbursts and so they just don’t know any better.

At some point we have to develop a thicker skin and recognize that we’re not responsible for anybody else’s moods or behavior. As long as we know we’re doing the best that we can and being the best that we can be, it shouldn’t matter how someone else interprets our actions. If they need to blow off steam, let them. Wise onlookers will realize who’s in the wrong and who is in the right. If we fall apart and show that their words and actions affect us, we encourage them to continue and give them power they’re ill-equipped to handle.

Jesus never retaliated when people were unkind to him, nor did he defend himself when people asked him where his authority came from. He simply remained silent and kept his peace. Peace is always more valuable than power; in fact, you’ll find that your power lies in your ability to hold your peace. Stay strong in who your Father says you are and never let anyone else define you. Remember who you are and Whose you are and nothing will shake your confidence.

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