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Who Defines Your Worth?

People will come and go in your life. Some will make great deposits and upon leaving, you’ll find that your life is richer for having known them. They will be the ones who saw something in you and decided to take the time to polish it, add to it, and make it greater than it was when they met you.

These precious folks are creators; they build and pour into others. The world is always better because of people like them and there aren’t great numbers of them. It’s only natural to wish their part in your story could have gone on longer, but your life is part of a Greater Story; let’s not lose focus.

Then there are those who come along and draw from you. They are willing to drain every drop of energy, passion, hope, and life you possess and don’t seem to feel any guilt for their actions or responsibility to replenish what they take. They are subtractors and unfortunately, they are great in number.

Like birds of prey, they can spot someone with a penchant for giving and nurturing a mile away and they know how to ingratiate themselves into your heart. They can easily turn the tables and leave you doubting yourself if you’re not careful.

Our worth is not determined by the opinion of others. Just because someone else doesn’t value us doesn’t mean our significance is diminished. Our worth is based on the One who created us. We must always look to Him to be reminded of how precious we truly are.

Don’t allow someone who doesn’t honor themselves to dishonor you. Someone who truly respects themselves will take the time to find the value in others. Someone who has no self-respect is always looking for someone to disrespect. You don’t usually wear silk with burlap; one would feel luxurious while the other would cause discomfort. You don’t measure the value of a diamond against sand or mud; you compare it to other diamonds.

Believe in yourself first and don’t allow someone else to define you unless they’re building you up.

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