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Only God Can Make a Man out of Dirt

Oh, ladies; some of you will love me and others will likely start a protest after this post. I’m good with it either way. I believe I’m being obedient and must do my Father’s work. My prayer is that you’ll read this all the way through before stoning me at least. Just know that this was a lesson I had to learn through personal experience and I’m still here, so there’s hope for you if you’ll receive it.

Many times we meet a man and we see potential where it does not exist. He doesn’t have much of an education; he’s not employed, he’s not taking care of the children that he already has, and he doesn’t really have any talents or marketable skills. Truth be told, he has no motivation. Yet, somehow we convince ourselves that if we love him enough, we will discover some hidden raw talent that our love will be sufficient in molding, shaping, and revealing that no one else has ever noticed before.

It is remotely possible that the enemy might be distracting you with eye candy or stirring up your fleshly desires, or fears of being alone, to get you off the path God has ordained for you? While it is true that God made man from dirt, what makes you think you can? You see, God had a lot more to work with than you do. After all, He is also the one that created the dirt and everything above and below it.

Now, I’m aware that there are a few good men that can be inspired by a few good women. You encouraging them to see things they’ve never considered before may be just the thing to help them realize the potential they never knew was there very deep inside them. Perhaps they will try new things, accomplish great feats, and become mighty men of valor. If that happens, I’ll salute you and those men. However, they are few and far between.

For the majority of men, some may attempt one or two of your ideas, but if they don’t succeed, it will be one more failure on their belt. They will see the disappointment in your face, and perhaps in their children’s eyes, and it will be another excuse to go out and mess up all over again. The human psyche can only handle so much failure and disappointment, and then it gives up and retreats. It is a rare person who will keep trying in the face of all odds. By the time you encounter such a person, they have already risen above the dirt.

You have to have higher standards for yourself. Even if it means spending a good portion of your life alone, you can’t create the man of your dreams from scratch. Frankenstein tried that and look at what happened. You deserve someone who’s goals already match yours, someone whose morals and standards are in alignment with yours when you meet them.

Stop arriving on the scene ahead of God in someone else’s life. It’s great to believe that every life has value because it does, but God will never use your prayers to override someone else’s will. Ask God to reveal to you who you should be praying for and how you might come alongside them and help them see worth in their own life.

Let God show you who can add value to your life so that you don’t totally deplete yourself in the process of helping someone else. Learn to show up with God or to follow His leading. Your relationships will be healthier and will last a lot longer. Remember God is the only one who ever created a man out of dirt. Jesus saves; you cannot.


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