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Don't Get Stuck on Repeat

Many of us are stuck in the past. Something happened to us along time ago and we keep reliving it. We can’t get over it; in truth, we won’t get over it. As long as we keep replaying that tape, we have no hope of a future. We are simply enduring the present. Its like sinking in quicksand; we are drowning in the memories of what was.

We look around and see other people moving forward and wonder why life is passing us by. They seem to be zipping along faster than the speed of light while we seem to be moving backwards through a pool of Jell-O. The simple answer is because we choose to remain stuck in the past, reliving old offenses or past memories that really aren’t as glorious as we’re making them seem in retrospect. We have a choice to make.

Every day we are given a blank slate and we get to create new opportunities and new memories. If we keep looking over our shoulder at things that have already happened, nothing new has a chance to happen. We are wasting the opportunities that the Lord has given us. Life will pass you by in the blink of an eye.

Muscles begin to atrophy if they don’t get used. They never develop and get stronger. Plants don’t grow if they don’t get exposed to sunlight and if they aren’t given water and nutrients. We are the same way; we need new experiences in order to grow and develop.

Looking back will kill you just as it did with Lot’s wife. Time moves forward and it waits for no one. Man has yet to develop a time machine that will allow us to go back and then zip into the future when we are ready, when we’ve had enough of the past. Why waste a perfectly good tomorrow trying to re-create a not so good yesterday? Learn to live today while you still have one.

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