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Do You Recognize Your Mountain?

I’ve often said that before you can say “unto that mountain be cast into the sea” and have it move, you have to know what your mountain is and call it by name. So many of us are dealing with things, but we call them by other names.

For instance, some of you are dealing with addiction issues but the last thing that you want to acknowledge is that you’re also dealing with depression. You’d much rather say that you drink or use because you enjoy it. Never mind the financial cost or waking up feeling like you’re missing out on something or the time wasted, right?

Then there are those of you who are a little promiscuous and rather than acknowledge that you may have daddy issues, you tell yourselves that you just enjoy sex or that you’re looking for love. Let me ask you a few very pointed questions: How’s that working for you? Are you finding that love? Are those relationships developing into long-term healthy ones?

Some of you may have issues with money. You want to have the latest and the newest fashions so you spend more than you make so you can keep up. Then you get the bills at the end of the month and find yourself in tears or in a state of panic wondering what you’re going to do. Maybe that state of panic causes you to go out and spend even more because you figure if you can’t pay it anyway, you might as well splurge, right? I used to call that retail therapy. Shopping made me feel better until I got the bills, which triggered depression. So then I shopped, which made me feel better until I got the bills, which made me depressed; it was a never ending cycle.

We ask God for help because we realize we can’t do it ourselves; but God will never just take things out of our hands until we totally place them in His and are ready to leave them there. Too many of us are trying to play tug-of-war with Him! Somehow I don’t think He’s into games...

When you’re serious about being delivered from whatever it is that’s got you entangled, be ready and willing to leave it at His feet and walk away. And when you walk away, don’t look back to see what He’s going to do with it. You have to trust Him because He only wants the best for you. He’s a good, good Father and will never do anything that will cause you pain, unless it’s the temporary pain of loosing the chains that bind you, almost like tearing off a Band-Aid so a wound can get air. Are you ready to trust Him today?

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