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Trials Make Us Stronger

I used to be the queen of pity parties. It used to be my first response to ask, “Why, Lord? Why?” Whenever something happened that I didn’t like or understand, my first inclination was to feel persecuted. I never looked at what I might’ve done to set the wheels in motion; I always felt like a victim. Can any of you relate? Be totally honest if you dare.

When you live with the victim mindset, you almost become a magnet for bad things to happen. The reason for that is that you’re not paying attention to what you do; you’re always too busy looking out to see what others are doing. At some point we have to take responsibility for our own thoughts, for our own words, and for our own actions. If you keep thinking negative thoughts, you will attract negativity in your life. If you keep speaking negative words you will draw negative people into your life or at least repel all the positive ones. And if you do negative things, nobody positive will ever want to be around you for sure.

They came a point in time where I had to ask, “Why not me? What makes me think that I’m immune to bad things happening and what can I learn from this situation?” I tell you that was a complete game changer for me. You see the Bible says that the rain falls on the just and the unjust, so none of us should expect a life without some pain and disappointment.

The secret is learning how to respond to that pain and disappointment. Do we completely withdraw from other people and run from life, or do we use that pain to grow? Just as flowers learn to survive in all types of weather conditions, we have to learn to grow and thrive in all kinds of emotional conditions and even financial hardships.

Some trials come not to destroy us but to make us stronger. How we weather them will reveal the level of faith that we have and the depth of our roots in Christ. When a plant has very weak roots, even a slight breeze can lay it down, but when its roots go deep into the ground, it can withstand the fiercest storm. So it is with us. How deep are your roots? Something to think about today as you face different trials and storms in your life. Purpose in your heart to press in to Him and deepen your faith.

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