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Don't Let Secrets Kill You

Secrets kill. Your voice has more power than you realize. Many of you have endured tremendous trials and pain caused by people who should have cared for and protected you and they failed to do so. They were not trustworthy to manage the tasks set before them. They were in no way worthy of the trust placed in them. They took advantage of their position and abused their power. That speaks volumes about them; it says nothing about you.

You have spent years questioning your worth because of the things that happened to you. You trust very few people, but you trust yourself even less, as if a child or young person should have, could have prevented an adult from making such poor decisions and acting on them. They told you that you deserved it, that you asked for it. They said it was love, but that kind of love was so brutal, how could that have been true? They made you swear never to tell anyone and you didn’t. They moved on but you can’t seem to.

It. Was. Not. Your. Fault.

One way to find the path to freedom is to speak your truth aloud. Share your story. Your life is comprised of moments that have shaped you into the person you are today. Take those defining moments and string them together like pearls and wear them proudly. You made it. Things that were meant to destroy you did not because you were stronger than your enemies realized.

By not talking about what you went through, you’re keeping someone else’s secret, honoring someone else’s confidence and privacy. I’m not sure they deserve your protection when they didn’t give you theirs. If they wanted to be spoken well of, they should have done better by you. Set yourself free; tell your story, speak your truth. You may even help someone else in the process.

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