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Compliment, Don't Compete

Sisters, I want to encourage you to find it in your hearts to accept yourselves just as you are. You are enough. You are beautiful; you are beloved of God; you are altogether lovely; and you are sufficient in and of yourself. You compete with no one but the person you were yesterday. When you wake up in the morning, the only goal that you should have is to be better than you were the day before.

There are too many of us competing with one another. Each one of us has been endowed with unique gifts by our Lord and Savior. We bring something special to the table, and if we could pool our gifts together, the world would be so much more beautiful. I think about our Father’s garden. He could’ve filled it with only roses or marigolds or bluebells; but how many of you have noticed that God loves diversity?

His garden is filled with thousands of flowers of all different types. Each one giving off a different fragrance, a different look and in varying heights and colors. So it is with His girls. They don’t compete with one another for His attention or for ours; they simply bloom and rise towards the Son. Shouldn’t we do the same?

Be your beautiful self. You are truly unique, special, sanctified and set apart for the Master’s use. Let His Word nourish you and His love rain down on you. The Spirit will ensure that you grow where you’re planted. A single flower goes unnoticed in a garden, but there’s great beauty and strength in a Sisterhood of wildflowers. Compliment, don’t compete. Selah.

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