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Perfect Timing

For many of us, the year is off to a slow and steady start. If you’re walking with Abba, you already know that this will be a year of repair, restoration, and recovery, and I’m sure you’re excited and have your expectors on. Like little children on a long car ride, you may be tempted to ask Him a thousand times, “Are we there yet?” I want to encourage you to slow your roll and wait patiently on the Lord.

You didn’t experience your loss, breakage, and theft in an instant. There are some lessons to be learned first from those experiences to prevent them from happening again and to help you set your priorities straight. If we value titles and things that are prone to change and decay, we’ll always be subject to disappointment. People are fickle and with the earth spewing out her own contents thanks to unpredictable weather patterns, nothing man-made is permanent.

The promotion you seek will come from the Lord; yet with Him, learning of Him and His character always comes before any recognition. Don’t focus on pleasing man, who changes his mind like the direction of the wind. Bless the heart of your God and you’ll never be without all you need and desire.

You wouldn’t eat a raw cake; you leave it in the oven until it’s done. Babies gestate in their mother’s wombs for 40-lunar weeks. We wait for the things that matter to us. Wait on the Lord; He knows what He’s doing and what’s best for you. He is ALWAYS on time!

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