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Perspective is Everything...

Children see with eyes of faith. Take dandelions for example. A child's perspective is so different from an adult's. They see five dandelions in a yard and call it a field of hope. A child imagines infinite possibilities in each seed and will close their little eyes and make wishes, fully believing that they will all come true one day. It doesn't matter how often they're disappointed or how far off that one day may be; they'll see another "wish flower" and go for it with complete trust that it shall be so simply because they asked. We adults, on the other hand, see only weeds and perhaps allergens. To a homeowner, the same five dandelions represent a plague of devastation. We abandoned our childlike faith somewhere around puberty when pimples popped up and wishes burst period. We stopped believing in magic and possibilities and began to rain on our own parades. In fact, we cancelled the parades altogether. Jesus said we should all have the faith of a child. To an adult it might seem like mustard seed faith because we have a tendency to discount children in our culture, but if you ever watch little ones intent on play, they use ever muscle of their body to complete a task and they believe with every fiber of their being. While everything is relative, I consider their faith to be much larger than a mustard seed. I think the message to us who've stopped believing in possibilities is that if we could muster up faith even as small as a mustard seed, God would honor it as He does the wishes of the children who blow on dandelions and trust the seeds of their wishes to be carried by the wind and planted where they will grow. Perspective can be a great reflection of our faith. What do you see? A seed of faith or a seed that will consume your harvest? Speak it in faith, water it in prayer, and prepare for your harvest in due season. 

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