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Lies are Like Spider Webs

I was having a conversation today with someone about the benefit of always telling the truth. The truth is so much easier to remember because, contrary to what Rudy Giuliani says, the truth is the truth. It doesn’t change; it remains consistent and you can count on it.

When you deal with someone who is known to be dishonest, their stories tend to always change. It’s like standing on shaky ground; you can’t get solid footing beneath you. You never know what to believe because their story always varies from one day to the next, sometimes from one moment to the next depending on the audience.

Have you ever gotten caught walking through a spiderweb without realizing that it was there? Lies can be a lot like spiderwebs. You may not see them until you walk through them. Then you can feel them sticking to you and it’s an icky feeling, very uncomfortable unless you just happen to like spiders. Try as you might, they can be difficult to get off of you.

If you happen to be a dishonest person, you have to keep track of all the different lies that you’ve told. It’s like figuring out where all the different strands of those webs are and it can be exhausting. Once you develop a reputation as a liar, every word you speak is suspect. I think people tell another lie to cover up the first because they can’t remember all the details. It just gets to be a mess after a while.

The truth is so much simpler to keep track of because it doesn’t vary. We know that God’s word is truth and it doesn’t change to make us comfortable. God said what He said and He meant what He said, period. He loves us enough to hold us accountable to His Word. His Word is stable and it provides a boundary for us; it’s the structure that we sorely need in our lives.

When we know what our limits are, we can stay within the lines. Boundaries provide safety; so does truth, because we don’t have to wonder and question what’s permissible or what will be tolerated. If you’re dealing with someone in your life who is known for their dishonesty, minimize your contact with them. Recognize them for who and what they are.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by expecting them to be something that they’re not. Don’t sink to their level and start telling untruths in order to make them feel better. Set the standard of honesty and pray that they will rise to it eventually. You may be the only representation of God that they ever see. A leopard doesn’t change its spots, but you don’t have to allow its spots to rub off on you.


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