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Praise: The Feng Shui of Faith

Every now and then my head gets a little big because someone tells me that I’ve done something that they really admire. It’s hard at times not to want to share God’s glory.

When you know that He’s gifted you in a certain area and someone is blessed by the way you use your gift, you get puffed up and you forget the Gift Giver. How many evangelists do we see on television whose conversations have more “I’s” in them then anything else? They go on and on about all the miracles that they have performed, about all the healings that have manifested because they laid hands on someone, about all the salvations that occurred because they prayed over lost souls.

Please hear what I’m saying and not what I’m not saying. We should all be praying for healings to manifest; we should all be laying hands on the sick in faith and believing that they will be healed; we should all be leading people to Christ and wanting to see salvations. However, when those things happen, while they may be in response to our fervent prayers, they alway require a move of the Spirit. We may have a Spirit within us but we are not the Spirit.

If we want to see the hand of God move so that miracles can take place, we have to usher in His presence with our praise and worship. When we praise, we remember how small we are and how big our God is. We put ourselves in our rightful place and we keep God in His.

It is never about us; it is always about Him. Let’s make sure we have our eye on the real prize at all times.


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