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I'm Still on Trial Myself...

I have been very critical of others. There was a time when I really thought that I had the right to judge. God has brought me up short on more than one occasion.

Now every morning when I get up and look at myself in the mirror, I have to remember that I am the biggest obstacle I am going to face every day. I purpose in my heart not to become the biggest obstacle in anyone else’s day. I know what manner of man I am and I’m a hot mess even on my best days.

I know what it feels like to be judged just based on my vocabulary, or the tone of my voice, or my complexion, or the texture of my hair, or the size of my waist, etc. I have no control over most of those things. I am what I am. I’d rather be judged by the content of my character. When we make snap judgments about people based on their outward features, we never get close to knowing their hearts.

There have been people that I judged extremely harshly without any reason who I later developed precious relationships with. If I hadn’t given them a chance by getting to know them, I would’ve missed out on some of my greatest blessings. Snap judgments might work well when playing board games, but in the game of life they don’t serve anyone. I've learned not to judge others as I recognize that I am still on trial myself.

We were created for fellowship and if the human race is going to survive, we need each other. The only way to get to know those traversing the path of life with us is to take time to get to know them. This means we have to have conversations; we have to break bread together; we have to do life together. We may have to step out of our comfort zones, but Jesus stepped out of His to save us all. Selah.


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