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Growing Fruit

If you’re anything like me, you probably want quick results. We’re the microwave generation. We want what we want and we wanted it yesterday.

I am very impatient and God is continuously working with me on that. Patience has never been my strong suit. I get frustrated with other people; I get frustrated with myself. If I’m honest, I get frustrated with God sometimes too. It seems like no matter what I do, progress just comes so slowly.

I saw this meme and it reminded me that when you plant a seed, you don’t get fruit right away. I don’t know how farmers do it. So much is out of their control. Look at the weather we’ve had this year. Rain, snow storms, roller coaster weather. Yet faithfully they plant year after year hoping for a harvest they may never see.

Think about the process. You plant a seed in the dirt where you cannot see it, and then you wait. You may see a little bud come up, followed by the stem and then eventually some leaves. But it’s a long while before you see any fruit. The fruit takes the longest to appear, and so it is with the dreams and hopes that we have.

I think God is trying to teach all of us patience. He’s the one that’s really in control and we are not. It’s a hard lesson to learn but learn we will, one way or another. Our times are in His hands and not our own. And it’s probably much better that way!


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