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Copy of Doin' Too Much?

Do you wake up in the morning already tired thinking about all the things you have to do before you can climb back into the comfort of your bed? You may have too much on your plate.

Some of us don’t know how to say “No” to the requests of others and we just take on responsibilities that were never ours to assume. In the process, we block other people’s blessings. Not only that, but we may stunt their growth by not giving them the opportunity to find out how much they’re capable of because we’re forever running to the rescue.

When I was young (and I’m about to seriously date myself here), there was a cartoon with an adorable caped crusader named Mighty Mouse. His theme song was, “Here I am to save the day; Mighty Mouse is on his way!” He was forever taking on perilous feats much too big for a tiny mouse. Somehow, in spite of being extremely vertically challenged (and utterly exhausted), he managed to accomplish his heroic duties just in the very nick of time. It looked pretty shaky though and I’d be on the edge of my seat for every episode.

Many of us live life that way. We’re constantly exhausted. We sleep but we don’t rest. We’re so busy doing so much so often that we miss the joy of being.

Children have little worry about the constraints of time. They play in the moment and enjoy the day as it unfolds. What doesn’t happen today gets placed on the next days agenda and they don’t sweat it. They haven’t reached the point of rushing away their youth and pining for adulthood; they enjoy the present, without even knowing what a gift it is.

Oh, to be young and innocent again. But even at our age, we can be wise enough to slow down and learn to celebrate the gift of time while we have it. Tomorrow, if it comes with it’s own worries, will take care of itself. Right now is all we have. Breathe it in and enjoy it. You are alive, many are not. Make the most of this moment.


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