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You are Still Whole

We all go through phases in life. Can you remember your early teen phase when you thought your legs were too long for your body, and your hair had a mind of its own, and your skin was prone to breakouts every time someone you liked would look in your direction? What an awkward phase that was, but you got through it. Then your body developed and the stares and catcalls began. You weren’t sure if you should be flattered or insulted half the time. Old men stared and made the most unpleasant noises; the good looking young men whose attention you wanted seemed indifferent. Eventually, you became more comfortable in your own skin and your self-esteem grew. Perhaps you went off to college and earned a degree; maybe you began working or raising a family of your own. There’ve been highs and lows, but what life doesn’t have them? With each success, you grew in confidence; however, each setback was like a personal blow. Do you ever look up at the sky sometimes and notice the moon is visible even during the day? When that happens, we often see just a portion of it. I find myself wondering if the moon is confused and doesn’t realize that it’s not its time to shine. Even when we can’t see it though, it’s shining somewhere, and while we may only see a quarter or a sliver, that doesn’t diminish its entirety. On my worst days - the days when everything that could go wrong does - I’m still whole. When no one else can see my efforts or appreciate them, when no one validates me or encourages me, when I’m criticized and belittled, I’m still whole. Whether I’m healthy or battling sickness in my mind or body, I’m still whole. Whether I’m gaining or losing weight, I’m still whole. No matter what phase of life I find myself in, just like the moon, I’m still whole. And I’m here to remind you that you are, to0.

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