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The Benefit of Storms

The weather patterns this year have been quite unstable. One day it was in the 40s, then we had 70s in February. March came in with torrential rains followed by days of more sun and warmth. Here we are in June with hurricane season looming. Wouldn't you love to be a meteorologist? You can be right 50% of the time and still keep your job? Actually, I imagine they are under great stress much of the time because we get frustrated with them when our plans get messed up and it's really not their fault. It’s absolutely bizarre; you just never know how to dress or plan. Snowstorms in the West, hurricanes in the north, high winds in the south; what in the world? If all these things weren’t also in the Bible, I might be a bit nervous, but I’ve seen them in black and white so I’m not fearful.

I know that after the flood of Noah’s time, God replenished the Earth. After each time of devastation, God had a season of renewal; it’s just the way He operates. In planting, He had farmers grow for six years and rest the land in the seventh year. He’s always doing a new thing and teaching lessons from the hardships to make us stronger and better for the next level of ministry and life.

Even a seed has to die before it can bear fruit. Sometimes a path must be cleared in order for us to walk further ahead in our journey. We get comfortable where we are and would like to remain there for a while; that’s human nature. Progress can’t be made in the comfort zone. We must keep moving forward. Don’t fear the storms in your life; they’re a sign that you’re doing something powerful and all of nature recognizes it.

Stay on course when the storms come and hold fast to your faith. God’s got you and He’ll carry you safely to your next level in Him.

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