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Bring on the Light!

Secrets have a way of catching up with us. Everything done in the darkness eventually finds its way into the light. I can remember being a little girl and in the lying in bed at night totally convinced that there was the boogie man hiding underneath my bed. I would lay there frozen with terror, convinced that if I moved he would get me. I would be so consumed with fear that I couldn’t even scream for my parents to come and help me.

Eventually, one of them would pass my room in the hallway and stick their head in the door and find me laying in the middle of the bed. This was unusual because normally children sprawl out and take up an entire bed. So they would stop and ask me if I was all right, and I would whisper a very timid, “No.” I would then tearfully explain what was holding me captive in my bed and one of them would turn on a light. We’d look underneath my bed and find a lone dust bunny and have ourselves a good laugh.

Secrets are like that; they have a way of holding us prisoner. They start out small, but the longer we hold onto them, the bigger they grow. Before we know it, we are consumed with shame and convinced that no one else could possibly understand what we’ve done or experienced. We don’t want to tell anyone and before long the secrets become bigger than we are.

Have you noticed that almost everything looks better in the light of day? In the darkness everything seems uglier and dirtier and more terrifying than it actually is. But when you can look at something in the light, it’s not as frightening and you can see all the angles and the colors; you can actually appreciate its beauty. Just as plants need light to grow, I’m fully convinced that people do too.

I believe that God created daylight so that we could see which way to go and accomplish things of significance. Don’t live your life in darkness and allow secrets to hold you a prisoner of deception. Bring them into the light of God‘s truth. His Word is often referred to as a “lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path”. Let the truth of Who He is illuminate your world, especially as we celebrate Independence Day. Let the Light of His love set you free!

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