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The Power of Unity

Like many of you, I saw the movie “Black Panther”, and if you didn't see it yet, treat yourself and go. I must confess I am not a comic book fan at all. I never read a Marvel Comic before and so I didn’t really understood what the hype was all about. I’m more of an Archie and Veronica kinda girl, but this movie took my breath away.

I think for me it was the idea of unity among the women and seeing their strength and power on display. There was no cat fighting, no hormonal tension, and they weren’t fighting over any man. This was just sisterhood on display and to me, that was such a beautiful thing to see. The women respected one another and the men in the film gave them total respect in return. They were portrayed as beautiful and intelligent; in fact, their beauty was almost secondary to their brains. They were capable of defending their king and country and themselves. They worked well together like a well oiled machine.

In most films, women are part of the scenery and their physical attributes are put on display and they are the first thing that you notice. There was no way you could ignore the strength and the beauty of the women in this movie but their intelligence was truly in your face and the bond that they shared as they worked so well together. They had a singleness of vision, a unity in spirit that we don’t often see on film or in life. I think that’s what hit me. They were more unified than the men in the film.

What an amazing world this would be if we could stop comparing our physical attributes and not compete with one another. If we could recognize one another’s strengths, mental as well as emotional, and lean on one another in times of weakness, and know that we could trust one another to pick up the slack. Regardless of our cultural, religious, ethnic, and socio-economic differences, if we could just come together as one, think of what we as women could accomplish?

We give birth to nations. Even the Messiah was born of a woman. Do you realize how powerful we are? We are not the weaker sex. There is such power in unity. Sisters everywhere, let that be the desire of our hearts. Let’s unite starting today. To each of you I say, “Wakanda forever!”

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