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Casting Far Out

Let me make something perfectly clear: I am not an outside chick. I don’t like bugs; I don’t like to be cold; I don’t like to be damp. I’m an inside, keep me comfortable, and nice and warm kind a girl.

I don’t know much about fishing. My father’s mother lived in a small town called Adel, Georgia. The joke was that it was so close to hell you could see sparks. That’s because the next town was Sparks, Georgia. One of my friend’s father would take us fishing every now and then on a lake not too far from my grandmother’s house. My grandmother made us poles out of bamboo sticks and she attached bottle corks to the ends of the poles. We would know that we had caught something if the cork went below the water. Makes sense, right?

Now, my friend’s father had one of those fancy poles that had a reel on it, and he would cast his pole far out into the water. We would be in a canoe in the middle of this lake and it seems like his string had gone so far out that we couldn’t see it. I wondered how he would know when he caught something because the fishing string seemed miles from the boat. Somehow, he could feel when fish pulled on it and he would know and he start reeling it back in. We could only tell if we caught something if that little cork bobbed underneath the surface of the water.

It’s a lot like that when we have problems. If we try to hold onto them and manage them ourselves, they won’t go very far. They will always be within our sight, tugging at us. But if we cast them out all the way to where God sits way up in heaven, we won’t see them anymore. He will have them and we won’t even have to worry about them. We may become totally unaware of them and isn’t that the point? You see God can handle them much better than we can.

What are you doing with yours today? I encourage you to cast all your cares upon the Lord. He knows what to do with them much better than you and I do.

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