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This is Your Year!

I don’t proclaim to be a prophet; let me say that right away. But there is something in my spirit that I just can’t shake. I have shared it with a few people and they’ve looked at me like I have a third eye in the middle of my forehead. That’s OK; they can look; I’m not usually such a bold proclaimer. It’s just that I know that I know that God has told me that this is the year of restoration, repair, and recovery. I’m excited about that because there’s been a lot of loss in the past few years.

Now let me warn those of you who are getting excited with me that I don’t mean in anyway to imply that we’re just gonna sit back and things are going to fall into our laps nice and easy. I believe that in order for us to have restoration and experience repair and see recovery, we’re going to have to stay attached to the Vine and we’re going to have to be quiet and listen for instruction. We can’t go off half cocked and do our own thing like we’re used to doing.

We live in a culture where we like to hurry up and not bother reading the directions, so we can just rush through the process and get to the good stuff. That is not how God operates. How many of you know that first hand? God holds time in the palms of His hands and so while you’re running around doing things your way, He’s quietly standing by and waiting for you to exhaust yourself and then lift up your hands and say, “Abba, help.”

It is so much easier to do things His way the first time. Everything is going to work out just fine in the end, but we must wait for our instructions. He will not steer us wrong. This is our year; this is our season; this is our time. Get ready to get your stuff back. But as a wise friend told me many years ago, you can’t do all the talking. Sometimes when you pray, you must be prepared to shut up and listen! Everything will be just fine if you listen for the Masters voice.

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